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                                 Single Pickups, Rod Poles

         Two soundings are available for these pickups: Dark and Medium Bright.

                                                      Dark                                                                    Medium Bright

         Pickup           DCR      Gauge Wire    Inductance                        Pickup         DCR      Gauge Wire    Inductance 
         Neck              5.10        42 AWG             3.32                               Neck            5.10         42 AWG             3.32
         Middle           5.35        42 AWG             3.89                               Middle         5.35          42 AWG            3.89
         Bridge           7.37        42 AWG             6.24                               Bridge          7.37         42 AWG             6.24

         Price the set:  USD100.00                                                          Price the set:  USD100.00

                                        Two sounds in one set of pickups  -"Tone Wizard" the price: USD115.00

         Ships to: Worldwide.

         Payment:  Payment by payment request, accepted via Payoneer Financial services company, USA.  


The Dark Sound Demo

The Medium Bright Sound Demo

                 Tone Wizard


                        How does the pickups sounding change

                            from Dark to Medium Bright?

 The tone  of my pickups is determined by the magnets installed on my pickups. I offer an additional kit of the Quick Change Magnet Feature Magnets -Tone Wizard per each kit of pickups, which can be easily installed on the pickups and get other tone. Thus, you receive two kits of pickups in one.

                     At present, none of the boutiques or manufacturers of guitar pickups offer this.

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