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Hi, I'm Vlad!

You are in the territory of Pickups with Neodymium magnets. My history began from the fact that I had built four Strats of different species of wood for testing of sound. And I did not like how the pickups with ALNICO magnets transmitted the sounding of my guitars. I would say that these pickup types were very dissatisfying.

That is why I made up my mind to make my pickups with ALNICO magnets. The pickups made by me turned out to be better, but not so as to reproduce all sounding capabilities of my guitars. 
I found it interesting how to change the guitar tone in desired direction with the help of pickups.

     Eventually, I began to experiment with Neodymium magnets and coil windings. I spent two and a half years for tests and adjustments. As a result, my guitars began to sound at the possibly highest level of their capabilities. And my point is that now I am able to make a pickup with one and the same winding to sound in a different way. Each string can sound differently.  

So, welcome to the World of Neo-Pickups!


I shall try to make demo on a cheap Chinese guitar at the cost of 188 US dollars with a bad tremolo made of powdered metal, abominable tuners, bad routing, and a neck shim ¼ inch wide. 
And you will be amazed at good sounding of this guitar.
           And if your guitar is better than my test guitar, you will be amazed at which wonderful instrument you are own!)))


First time, you will have to watch the demo with my lousy playing. if my pickups start selling,  I'll hire guitarists for a demo.


On the other hand, if my pickups start buying, why should I hire guitarists for a demo ?!)))

Well, let us get going !!!

о нас


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